Colour chart of available fabric options for custom dancewear

Wine: Shiny rich dark red

Ruby: Matte bright red

Hot Pink*: Matte very bright pink

Blush*: Matte light pink

Eggplant: Matte cool-toned dark purple

Violet: Matte cool-toned medium purple

Lilac*: Matte cool-toned pinky purple

Wisteria*: Matte pale dusty cool-toned lilac

Navy: Matte very dark inky navy

Sapphire: Matte vibrant deep cobalt blue

Periwinkle: Matte blue-leaning perwinkle

Aqua: Matte bright light aqua blue

Forest: Shiny cool toned dark green

Clover: Matte vibrant cool-toned green

Spearmint*: Matte pastel mint 

Silver*: Matte very light grey

Black: Matte deep black

Charcoal: Shiny medium grey

Colours with a * are available as trim only. This is due to them not being opaque enough for full torso coverage. If you are aware of this and still really would like a leotard in one of these colours, please send us an email to discuss and we'll do our best to make you exactly what you'd like. 

The colours displayed are accurate to the best of my ability, but actual colour may vary due to individual screen settings. Please view the product photos or request to see fabric samples in person for a better idea of each colour in action. 

Due to being a small business, all colours may not be in stock at all times, as I will purchase fabric to match demand. This is reflected in the 1-4 week turnaround time for all custom orders.

Physical fabric samples are available to customers in London. Please get in touch by email or by Instagram message (@EMpowerDancewear) to arrange to see the fabric samples.  


Seeing so many colours online, it can be hard to tell which colours go well together. Below you will find colour charts to help make your decision a little bit easier. The main colour at the centre represents the main body colour, and the smaller colours at the sides are suggestions for trim, for both Classy and Bold looks. Click on each photo to see them larger.