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Photo by Chaz Barnes for Ballet Theatre UK


Hi, I'm Emma, creator of EMpower Dancewear. 

I've wanted to start my own dancewear brand for quite a few years now, but when it finally came down to starting, I knew it had to be about something more than just leotards. 

I've never been your typical girly ballet dancer. I'm not very flexible, hate adage, and would much rather jump and turn with the boys than put my pointe shoes on. All my life I've been told that I don't have a good body for ballet, constantly being told to lose weight or any number of other things to change who I was, and it hurt to think that my physical limitations from a classical viewpoint might stop me from achieving my dream. But I made it, and after several years of dancing professionally I've come to accept and love what's different about my body and abilities. They are my assets, what makes me unique, and I want to celebrate that in everybody. So here's to breaking stereotypes, and celebrating what makes each of us unique as both athletes and artists!

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